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Hello, my name is Sue Sims

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I am a Reiki Master with a love for animals.

I have a Reiki practice which can be just for humans, but I also can include animals. I sincerely believe that our animals are here to teach us and guide us. I have been connected with Reiki for over 20 years and have been a Reiki Master since 2017. Other modalities I have trained in over the years are reflexology, hypnotherapy, counselling, massage and The Energy Alignment Method. Today I work primarily with Reiki and The Energy Alignment Method (EAM). I have also recently done a Diploma in Animal Healing, trained by Elizabeth Whiter. This has strengthened my practice for working with animals.  I have been including animals in my Reiki practice for the past 5 years and through this I recognise the link between us humans and our animals. Our animals can often express what is going on in our own energy whether we recognise it ourselves or not. 

In my practice I can work solely on the animals or on humans, but I often find the most benefit comes from working with both combined. 

Included in my human healing practice I use the tools from the Energy Alignment Method (EAM).This is a self help tool that helps you align your own energy and taps into your own intuition.

I also run small classes to teach Reiki. These also include using Reiki on animals. For further information for Reiki classes click here.

I am based in Manningtree, near Colchester, Essex. I have a therapy room at home where I work with the animals and their guardians for the animal and the human healing but depending on what is best for the animal I can also treat them on their own home turf. This means that I can cover the areas of North Essex and South Suffolk in person. 

And since the pandemic has been with us, I also now do online sessions. 

Contact me to book a free 20 mins consultation

This will give you an opportunity to see if we can work together and give you a bit more understanding of what you can get from a session with either yourself or your animal or a session with you both.

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