Oracle Card Readings

An Oracle Card Reading can bring clarity, empowerment and motivation to your current situation.



An Oracle Card Reading can bring clarity, empowerment, and motivation to your current situation. I love working with the Angels and Oracle Cards together they give you guidance, strength, peace and a feeling of wellbeing.


I offer 5 types of readings.


3 month reading
6 month reading
Angelic Perspective reading
Animal Angelic Perspective reading.


BOOK ONLINE – 3 Month Reading
BOOK ONLINE – 6 Month Reading 

A 3 and 6 month reading is a two card reading for each month.  It will show you which Archangel is working with you for each month and give you guidance, clarity and messages to your given question to help you move forward. 


An Angelic Perspective Reading is a beautiful reading showing you which Archangel is working with you in each situation. The Archangels will lovingly guide you and help you to move forward.  

This reading brings together your: 

1, Situation
2, The Archangel helping you
3, The past
4, The present
5, The Future
6, What you can do
7, The outcome 



Animal Angelic Perspective reading is a way for you to make a connection between you and your animal. To help you bridge the gap of communication.  To connect, translate and understand your animal, helping to give them a voice and improve your relationship.  
1. What your animal wants you to know
2. Their health right now
3. How to improve their health
4. Their feelings right now
5. How you can make them happier
6. What your animal wants right now
7.  What you can do to help you connect with your animal



Life Purpose Readings are to help you live your life to what your soul came to earth to learn. It is easy to get out of balance and frustrated and feel that you are constantly out of sync with the rest of the world. This can be in your relationships as well as your career. This reading can help you move in the right direction, to learn from your mistakes and live a balanced and authentic life and to achieve what your soul desires. 

This reading brings together 

1. Represents you and your strengths
2. Your life
3. Something that supports your life
4. Obstacles you need to overcome
5. Your Life Purpose
6. Message from your Angel
7. Message from your Soul
8. Anything you need to know to increase your awareness




The following readings are conducted via e-mail or Skype.


  • 3 month reading – up to 20 minutes
  • 6 month reading – up to 30 minutes
  • Angelic Perspective reading – up to 30 minutes
  • Animal Angelic perspective reading – up to 40 minutes
  • Life Purpose Readings – up to 45 minutes


Please note: Due to insurance restrictions I am unfortunately not able to offer readings to anyone in the USA or Canada
For ages 18 years and over. For entertainment purposes only



Make your booking online and I will get back to you in person to arrange a suitable time.