Dawn's Story

I have always had a love of nature and animals and have been privileged over the years to share my life with many rescue animals, all with their unique personalities and all showing unconditional love.

Dawn’s journey into complementary therapy started in her early 20’s when she was finally diagnosed with an auto-immune problem. With conventional medicine only being able to manage some of the symptoms, she started seeing a naturopathic therapist who through treatment with minerals and herbs got her back on the road to recovery. This opened her interest in healing modalities. In 2004 she took a Reiki workshop and loved it so much she took level 2 within the same year.

Dawn has always loved crystals and has had them around her most of her life. With the love of energy healing, she took a Crystal Healing Practitioner course and loves to work with crystals daily. The energy of flowers and the plant world also became apparent to her and she took a Flower Essence and Vibrational Medicine Practitioner course as they can complement a healing session

A natural progression

Dawn also loves to work with the Angelic world and has completed a Practitioners course in Angelic Healing and Oracle card readings. With her love of animals and nature, it was a natural progression to also take courses in animal healing and also offers Reiki and flower essences to animals too.

I have studied both human and animal healing modalities and through working with both have found a profound connection. I noted that when I was treating an animal, that their guardians were also having the same anxieties, stress etc. I realised that the animal was taking on the energy of its guardian trying to help and relieve the guardian of their symptoms. I found this quite profound.

I know we are all energy and we are all connected and this proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is true.

I would love to meet you

I am based in Crowborough East Sussex and that all these therapies can be done by distance as well. To get in touch, please visit my CONTACT PAGE